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In the highly disturbing year of 2014, while the deadly Ebola virus was destroying Liberia and confusing the world, the idea to mobilize Gbannah citizens living in the diaspora to help address some of the socio-economic problems of the Clan (including the recent outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus and the development of strategies for infection prevention and control in the post Ebola period was conceived by four individuals: Garry Gehyigon, Emmanuel Benson, Justin Yelegon and Cooper Quoibia.  

After months of telephone deliberations and email exchanges on identifying some of the key problems of the Clan and strategizing on ways to intervene or help without being misconstrued by State and non-state actors, the above individuals decided to meet in person in order to address and harmonize the misalignment of ideas that may have been unclear in telephone conversations, email exchanges and discussions as well as to formulate workable plans of action for planned, structured, systematic and sustainable intervention. Henceforth, Minnesota was chosen as the venue and August 20, 2014 the date for that highly useful and meeting. 

The group convened as agreed. During the meeting (hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Benson), the group identified the interventions of Gbannah citizens living in the diaspora devoid of internal rivalry and power struggle as a gap to be filled and a problem to be addressed.

Council of Gbannah Volunteers - Mission and Vision

COGVOL's vision is to foster unity, respect and love amongst its members and communities. COGVOL endeavors to strengthen cultural values, integration and diversity. COGVOL hopes to become a credible international Gbannah organization that provides Public Health awareness, Education and Development assistance to the citizens of Gbannah Clan. COGVOL’s mission is to provide humanitarian services in focused areas of primary health care delivery and promote education and development for its vulnerable target communities and population.

Campus of The Flumpa Semi-high School Construction
( Courtesy: Hon. Larry P. Younquoi )
Nurse's Quarter for the Bindin Clinic
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