Gbannah Clan is one of the provisional subdivisions of the Leewehpea-Mahn District. It comprises of thirteen towns (see table below). With a school-going population of approximately 1,500 people, the Clan presently has one Government-built Junior High School and two Government-built elementary schools. There are a few other elementary schools that have been established through community self help projects as well as missionary and International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) contributions (see table below).

Problem: The major problems facing these schools are; the lack of basic educational materials, such as textbooks, chairs, chalk-boards, visual aids, etc. and that of poor learning environment, unqualified staff, and teaching equipment. Incidentally, not only are existing schools ill equipped, the buildings are all in deplorable conditions.

What is COGVOL doing to help? COGVOL’s goal is to assist in the provision of basic classroom materials that will enhance the learning experience of the students. These include textbooks, visual materials, classroom supplies, and provide training to build the necessary capacity of the instructional staff and students through voluntary actions. COGVOL is therefore appealing to all citizens of the Clan (at home and abroad) and friends to help prepare our students and teachers to pave way for future generations of the Clan.

Gbannah Schools: Enrollment by sex, Grade level and ratio

Name of Schools Male  Female Total Enrollment Grade Level Ratio - M:F
Beindin Public School 65 52 117 ABC-grade 2 1.25:1
Blohn Public School 129 110 130 ABC-grade 6 1.17:1
Dahn-Gborwin Public School (Gbahn) 210 175 385 ABC-grade 6 1.2:1
Gbayblin Public School 142 131 273 ABC-grade 6 1.08:1
Gipo Public School 251 184 435 ABC-grade 6 1.36:1
Flumpa Elementary, Jr. High and Semi High School 454 280 734 ABC-grade 10 1.62:1
Flumpa Mision School 136 119 255 ABC- grade 9 1.14:1
Kpoahpa-Whenten Com. School 125 90 215 ABC-grade 6 1.39:1
Lampa Public School 63 54 107 ABC-grade 1 1.15:1
Sehwee Public School 82 91 173 ABC-grade 3 0.9:1
Yah-Belleh Christian Foundation School 44 160 204 ABC-grade 2 0.28:1

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