Health Care

Liberia is presently undergoing the difficult task of reconstruction and rebuilding of almost every fabric that was destroyed as result of its long civil war (1989-2003).  One of such fabrics is healthcare. The problem is so severe that existing health facilities cannot cope with the growing demand of the population. In Gbannah Clan, there are only two Clinics catering to a population of approximately three thousand people. One of the Clinics (Flumpa Mission Clinic) is privately owned and operated by the Inland Church while the other Clinic was built through local or community initiative under the auspices of the Gbannah Youth Organization in the early 70’s.

Problems and Challenges

The community clinic that provides free services to the people of the community has only one Nurse and a few support staff who do not have any nursing or medical training. Further still, the clinic lacks modern equipment to immunize and/or test for simple diseases like malaria, smallpox, HIV/AIDS, dysentery and other water-borne diseases that are common in the area. Besides, the recent outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus put additional stress on the clinic as it was incapacitated to provide the needed services, including counseling and education to the hundreds of people who rushed to the clinic for medical attention.

While COGVOL is determined to provide public awareness for control and prevention of some of the diseases mentioned above and mobilize resources to help build the capacity of the staff, COGVOL cannot do it alone. COGVOL therefore calls for support and commitment of Gbannah citizens, especially those in the diaspora to join hands or get on board so that together we can help to have a healthy Gbannah Clan now and in the future. 

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