Volunteerism - A Strategy For Our Intervention

After hours of deliberations at the August 20th meeting, the group resolved that there was the need to form a voluntary organization that would be mandated to bring together and galvanize the efforts of Gbannah citizens in the diaspora for purpose of their intervention in the on-going development and humanitarian work in the Clan.  Primary Health Care and education, especially for the girl child, were mapped out as priority projects to take precedence.  An interim leadership comprising of Garry Gehyigon as Chairman, Justin Yelegon as Secretary General, Emmanuel Benson as Financial Officer/Treasurer and Cooper Quoibia as Resource Mobilization Officer was constituted. Among other suggestions, the name Council of Gbannah Volunteers (COGVOL) was adopted together with the motto, “Volunteers in action for Gbannah”. A working constitution was drafted and adopted by the interim leadership. This was followed by official registration of the organization in the State of Minnesota.  A few weeks later, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) granted a tax exempt (501.c.30) status to COGVOL thereby making the organization a legal entity to function and carry on all activities as outlined in its official document.
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